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How should stains on glass products be cleaned

glassware is bright and clean, which is one of the building materials that consumers are keen on. How should we clean and deal with stains on glassware in life

1. Six methods of glass cleaning:

① when painting the wall, the glass window will be pasted with lime water. It is difficult to remove these lime nodules with general clean water. In this regard, it is more important to use a wet cloth dipped in the fine sand that the central government does not want to see to scrub the glass window, so that the lime spots can easily fall off

② dip gypsum powder or chalk ash into water and apply it on the glass. After drying, wipe it with a cloth to make the glass bright and clean

③ the glass darkens for a long time. Wipe it with a fine cloth dipped in toothpaste, and it will be as bright as new

④ after washing the fresh eggshell with water, a mixed solution of protein and water can be obtained. Wiping glass or furniture with it will increase the gloss

⑤ when the glass on the window is aged or stained with oil, drop a little kerosene or Baijiu on the wet cloth and wipe it gently, and the glass will soon be bright and clean

⑥ if the glass is stained with paint, wipe it off with a lint cloth dipped in a little vinegar

2. Three methods for mirror cleaning

① if there is dirt on the small mirror, big cabinet mirror, Dresser Mirror and other mirrors, you can use a soft cloth (or gauze) dipped in some kerosene or wax to wipe, and you must not use a wet cloth to wipe, otherwise the mirror will be blurred and the glass is easy to corrode

② wipe the mirror, frame and piano keys with a cloth dipped in milk to make them clear and bright

③ when taking a bath, the mirror in the bathroom is often blurred by steam. You can smear soap on the mirror and wipe it with a dry cloth. A layer of soap liquid film is formed on the mirror to prevent the mirror from blurring. If you use astringent makeup water detergent, you can also get the same effect

3. Bonding glass handle

first wipe the place where the movable glass should be bonded to the handle with vinegar, and then wash the glass handle with vinegar and dry it. Then apply egg white on the glass and handle respectively, press it tightly and dry it. This simple glass handle is very strong and durable. The operator should carefully read the product manual first

4. The method of self-made ground glass

take half a basin of clean water, put several pieces of iron emery cloth (the number of emery cloth can be determined according to the thickness requirements of ground glass) into the water for several minutes, then knead and wash the sand particles on the emery cloth, and gently pour out the clean water. Place the sand paste on the glass to be ground, take another piece of glass to be ground and press it on it, and then press it by hand for circular grinding. After a few minutes, you can get two pieces of ground ground glass

5. If there is no diamond glass knife when cutting glass, you can find a piece of broken ceramic, or smash the pebble, use its sharp corner, use a ruler to draw traces on the glass, and then you can break the glass with force. This is because both ceramics and pebbles are harder than glass

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6 Egg white can be used to bond glassware

if the glassware breaks, you can use egg white to coat two sections, wipe off the spilled egg white around after the seam is closed, and it can be completely bonded after half an hour, and then it can be used after a day or two. Even under the action of large external force, the bonding place will not break. This method can also be used to bond broken small porcelain

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