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How to complete the leap forward development of domestic machine tools

in the golden 10 years, the machine tool industry has developed by leaps and bounds, and the sales volume, products and technology have increased significantly. However, since last year, it seems that the whole industry market is no longer developing by leaps and bounds, and order sales have begun to enter a stable adjustment period. Some experts said that the next step will be the stable development period after the leap forward development of the machine tool industry

some experts said that the golden decade of rapid growth of China's machine bed industry has come to an end. If so, last year can be regarded as a watershed. In 2012, the business situation of China's machine tool enterprises can be described as bleak by experts and innovative products that have made outstanding contributions to the development of China's automobile lightweight and the innovative utilization of green technology (2013 (2) and 2014) and are highly concerned by automotive OEMs and the industry. Although official statistics still show year-on-year growth, the feelings of enterprises are mostly different

in short, production and sales fell by 30% or 40%, orders were reduced by half, profits fell sharply and even losses, which can summarize the current situation of most enterprises. Of course, enterprises are generally unwilling to truthfully state this situation. After all, this achievement is frustrating. Recently, the annual reports have been disclosed in succession. According to the public data of Listed Companies in the machine tool industry, the net profit of enterprises fell in 2012, without exception

the global high-end machine tool market is occupied by American, Japanese and German enterprises, and China's market is no exception. Domestic machine tools are mainly concentrated in the low-end market. Although Chinese enterprises are gradually approaching the middle-end market, the middle-end market is still mainly made in Taiwan and South Korea. In the long run, the mid-range market is the direction that Chinese enterprises must develop in the future. It is very important for the development of China's machine tool manufacturing industry to gain a place in the mid-range market and steadily expand market share. At the same time, it is also an inevitable hurdle on the way to the high-end market

at the same time, in recent years, European, American and Japanese enterprises are extending to downstream products and establishing factories in China, which objectively forms a containment on Chinese machine tool manufacturers

with the accelerated upgrading of the demand structure of products and services in the user industry, the contradiction between the product structure of China's machine tool enterprises and the market demand has become more prominent. Accelerating the improvement of the market competitiveness of domestic medium and high-end machine tool products has become a top priority

The severe market situation is forcing domestic enterprises to adjust their goals and strategies in time to seek new sustainable development. Chenhuiren, Deputy Secretary General of China Machine Tool Industry Association, said that the rapid changes in machine tool market demand have put forward higher requirements for manufacturers

this is mainly reflected in two aspects: one is the product technology level, such as automotive, aerospace, aviation, military industry, it and other fields, and the other is that some super hard materials with high stiffness, high precision, high efficiency, composite and other characteristics of high-level, personalized machine tool products are still the market hot spot; High end products that meet the needs of emerging industries are still the driving force of the market; The technological equipment and production lines that improve the emission standards for automobiles are also in short supply

the second is the comprehensive requirements of users for manufacturers. For example, users require machine tool manufacturers to have the ability to provide overall solutions, product quality, and higher requirements for the automation of process equipment, production efficiency, product delivery time, pre-sales and after-sales services. NASA and nanocomp, located in Merrimack, New Hampshire, have put forward higher requirements

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