How to configure the hottest 35kV level test items

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How to configure 35kV level test items and test equipment

serial number test item test equipment technical index remarks

researchers only use 1 insulation resistance to measure the analog megger V in a small range, and the short-circuit current is not less than 1 Ma

Digital megger 10000m

2 DC withstand voltage DC leakage measurement DC voltage generator 120kv 2mA arrester test ripple coefficient is not greater than 1%

ripple coefficient is not greater than 3%

3 AC withstand voltage test device console Voltage regulator test transformer 100kV 10/50kva waveform distortion is less than 5%

4 test voltage measurement high voltage divider measurement system uncertainty is not more than 3%

multimeter accuracy: level 0.5

voltage transformer accuracy: level 0.2

5 partial discharge measurement partial discharge test power system 10kva/100kv partial discharge is less than 5pc

partial discharge meter frequency: kHz when the capacitance of the test sample is 1000pf, Resolution 2pc

6 DC resistance measurement DC resistance tester 1a-5a, 10 -200 grade 0.2

7 transformer ratio measurement transformer ratio tester measurement range:

when measuring transformer ratio, select CT volt ampere characteristic tester according to the relevant requirements of transformer measurement. The CT volt ampere characteristic tester can measure the ratio of transformer, and the volt ampere characteristic is 5% Accuracy of 10% error curve: grade 0.2

8. It is the first plastic new 2 in Greater China to be listed on NASDAQ in the United States Maximum test piece: W200 x D200 x H200 (mm) material enterprise transformer no-load Short circuit impedance test transformer no-load tester accuracy: level 0.5

9 voltage transformer withstand voltage test triple frequency voltage generator voltage range: V full range control requirements more comprehensive output capacity: 5KVA

10 high voltage switch mechanical action characteristic measurement high voltage switch characteristic tester time measurement: 0.1ms speed measurement uncertainty: 1%

11 vacuum switch fracture withstand voltage test fracture withstand voltage test device accuracy Degree: level 3.0

12 contact resistance measurement of conductive circuit accuracy of circuit resistance tester: level 0.5 output current is not less than 100A 1 -2m

13 transformer on load tap changer test on load tap changer tester

14 vacuum switch vacuum degree measurement vacuum degree tester 1*---------1 * PA

15 micro current measurement automatic or remote shift DC micro ammeter a accuracy: level 0.5

16 grounding resistance measurement grounding electricity Resistance test device or tester

17 dielectric loss and capacitance measurement high voltage bridge accuracy: 2% d+0.0005 (positive) d is the reading 2% d-0.001 (negative)

18 lightning arrester continuous current measurement zinc oxide lightning arrester tester

DC reference voltage test times DC reference voltage leakage current test

19 insulating oil dielectric strength test insulating oil dielectric strength tester accuracy level 3.0

20 infrared temperature measurement infrared thermal imager resolution: 1.0 ℃ recommended configuration ※

dot thermometer accuracy: 2% recommended configuration ※

21 cable fault detection cable fault tester maximum Error: 10M 1m

Cable Pathfinder

22 current measurement clamp ammeter

23 SF6 switch moisture test SF6 dew point meter/sf6 micro water meter 1 ℃ -60---20 ℃

24 SF6 leakage test SF6 infrared tester iac510 1ppm 1mg/m3

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