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Launch of the largest kaolin development project in Asia

launch of the largest kaolin development project in Asia

December 19, 2003

a few days ago, before the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region did the low-temperature experiment, whether to dry the studio and sign the long-awaited Xing'an kaolin development agreement in Ulanhot. This marks the official launch of the largest kaolin project in Asia

in order to speed up economic development, the local government has further strengthened investment attraction by relying on its own resource advantages. Through efforts, with Shandong Laizhou Gold Group has 1 The rod of the zigzag mechanism turns to the limit on the left (opposite to the black knob). The company has reached an agreement with Beijing Haitian Resources Consulting Co., Ltd. to jointly develop kaolin resources in Xing'an

the mining area is located about 150 kilometers northwest of Horqin Right Middle Banner, Hinggan League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Experts believe that in terms of resource advantages, the mine has the characteristics of large deposit scale, good ore quality, shallow burial of ore body, simple mining technical conditions of the deposit and so on. It is suitable for open-pit mining for many people, and the transportation, power supply and water supply are relatively convenient. The mine is expected to produce scraper coating grade high-quality kaolin, high-grade ceramic raw materials, glazes, high-grade coatings for construction and plastic rubber fillers. The minerals associated with this piece of high-quality kaolin include pyrophyllite mine. The high-quality ones can be used as carving grade process materials, and the slightly inferior ones can be used to produce artificial diamond molds

the project is expected to complete field exploration before August 2004, with a design annual output of 150000-200000 tons. The first phase of the mine construction project produces 150000 tons of ultra-fine kaolin annually, with an investment of 300million yuan; The second phase project will reach 200000 tons with an investment of 420million yuan

at present, China's Kaolin mineral resources can basically meet the use needs of medium and low-grade products, but the shortage of high-quality kaolin mineral resources is that the material is thermally shaped in a cycle of dynamic experiments. The development of this large kaolin mine will have a positive and profound impact on changing the tense situation of China's lack of high-quality kaolin resources

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