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Kawasaki heavy industries set up a new production line: it will produce Boeing 777x parts in the United States

Kawasaki heavy industries set up a new production line: it will produce Boeing 777x parts in the United States

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Kawasaki heavy industries will set up a new aircraft parts production line in the Lincoln factory (Nebraska) of Kawasaki motors manufacturing corporation (U.S.A., hereinafter referred to as: Kawasaki motors). The production line will assemble cargo doors for Boeing 777x, the first civil airliner in the United States. Kawasaki heavy industries is said to be the first to manufacture aircraft parts in the United States

Kawasaki heavy industries will provide an area of about 2800M2 in the built plant before March 2017, and will implement routine maintenance and regular maintenance manufacturing industry from May 2017. The new production line will introduce automatic riveting machines and coating robots made by Kawasaki heavy industry to realize manufacturing automation, high speed and ensure quality stability

Lincoln factory is currently producing all terrain vehicles, personal water sports tools "Jetski" and railway vehicles. The factory has imported the production system "KPS (Kawasaki production system)" developed on the basis of Kawasaki heavy industry's business experience in mass production products, and will use the system in the manufacturing of aircraft components. In the future, Kawasaki heavy industries will locate the factory as the main manufacturing base of aircraft components in the United States to carry out the business of civil aviation passenger aircraft

777x is the follow-up model of "Boeing 777" series of large twin engine airliner. It will be manufactured from 2017. The pressure testing machine is the experimental equipment we use to measure the compressive properties of the samples we want to test. It is scheduled to provide fuel to the transportation and aviation departments for 20 years, and the first one will be delivered in 20 years. In the development and manufacturing of the 777x, Kawasaki heavy industry is responsible for the front fuselage, the middle fuselage, the main landing gear retraction and release part and the rear pressure compartment in addition to the outside of the cargo compartment

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