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KBA joined the Cleo networking printing production cooperation strategy

Cleo announced that KBA has become a partner in the Cleo networking printing production plan. Luohua printing production cooperation strategy brings together leading companies in the industry. They have a common goal, which is to develop high value-added integrated solutions for printers, plate making centers and their buyers. By joining this idea, the partners of Luohua printing production can comprehensively use various professional knowledge to develop solutions based on JDF, so as to make their customers different, and make more effective and profitable in every link of printing production, from creativity to transmission

networking printing production partners can provide customers with fully integrated solutions. These solutions not only have higher flexibility, but also can fully adapt to the diversified printing production environment of their users. This reflects a high level of compatibility between many systems that supply foreign investors and the further increase of brand awareness of products. Therefore, these multi-functional systems can communicate and share information with each other through JDF standards. The wire core is preheated at too high temperature before extrusion, which can completely remove the water and oil on the surface. The printing production partners are committed to a high level of development and co marketing, which will fully show the advantages of these integrated solutions

networking printing production ensures smooth data and information flow, provides a way for printers' customers to cooperate, promotes communication, and strengthens the predictability of the whole printing production. In addition, it also improves production efficiency and product quality. Luohua printing production also provides users with more opportunities to make profits and expand

"joining krylor printing production is a reasonable step for KBA company to strive to make the whole printing production process more reasonable, reliable and economical. Whether it is single sheet or reel, traditional or digital, today's printing press can no longer exist independently on the island." Klausschmidt, general manager of KBA, explained, "If we want to achieve the goal of improving the level of automation, it is very important to have digital real-time communication with upstream and downstream production processes and management information systems. The networking printing plan is fully consistent with our common strategy through its integrated and open characteristics. For a long time, Cleo has been a reliable and creative partner of KBA, providing a C basis for KBA's traditional sheet fed and rotary offset press The TP prepress equipment can be calibrated according to the instruction manual; It also provides technology for the new kbacortina waterless newspaper rotary offset printing machine and kba74karat digital printing machine. We hope to further expand and strengthen this cooperation through other excellent partners, such as in the field of industrial software. "

kba's participation in the Luohua printing cooperation strategy will further strengthen the long-term cooperative relationship between the two companies. This cooperation can remind us of the kba74karat sheet fed digital printing machine jointly developed by the two. Its prototype was first exhibited at imprenta1997. The close relationship between the two companies is obvious to all visitors to the prepress demonstration room in the user center of the KBA sheet fed offset press factory in Radebeul, because this demonstration room is completely equipped with Cleo's system

through this cooperation, KBA has become a member of the networking printing cooperation strategy with other leading suppliers, including Adobe Systems, Komori USA, printcafe Software Co., Ltd. and Xerox

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