At its peak, the myspic steel index continued to r

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On November 2, the myspic steel index continued to rise

on November 2, the domestic steel spot market continued to rise. Long products still dominate the steel market. After yesterday's price rise, the market responded well and transactions were still active. Therefore, some businesses that were originally in the wait-and-see period also joined the ranks of price increases. At present, businesses have better expectations in the short term, their confidence has also improved, and some businesses even reproduce their reluctance to sell. The flat material market continues to be in a wait-and-see situation, with insufficient upward momentum. On November 2, the myspic composite index was 157.7 points, up 0.3% from the previous trading day

on November 2, the flat material index was 139.0 points, up 0.1% from the previous trading day. The market generally remained stable, and the market of a few varieties increased slightly. In the North China market, both medium thickness and hot rolling have increased slightly. The immediate shutdown of Beijing and Tianjin, the leading markets of medium and heavy plate in North China, is not particularly ideal. However, due to the introduction of a new round of price policies by Tiangang on the previous trading day, the price of medium and heavy plate was increased by 50 yuan/ton. This move by steel mills has led most businesses to raise prices one after another. However, after the price rise, the market fell into a wait-and-see atmosphere again, and the transaction was poor. In the hot rolling market, although the market transaction is poor, most businesses have no intention to reduce the quotation, and the market price has remained high. With the 2-day forward price rising, the low-level resources in the market gradually move closer to the high level. At present, the market mentality is more sensitive, which is greatly affected by the financial market, and the actual demand continues to be depressed. On November 2, North China Zhonghou 202016 mm and hot rolling 3.0mm increased by 30 yuan/ton and 20 yuan/ton respectively compared with the previous trading day. The galvanizing market in Shanghai also rose slightly on November 2. Due to the good transaction on the previous trading day, the merchants' mentality has improved, and the recent market confidence has begun to recover, and Shagang's flat market policy has also played a supporting role in the market, so some merchants slightly raised the market on the 2nd, and there have been several positive signal quotes in the economic operation of China's extruder industry. On November 2, Shanghai galvanized 1.0mm, up 20 yuan/ton from the previous trading day

on November 2, the Longwood index was 176.3 points, up 0.6% from the previous trading day. On November 2, the price of domestic steel futures rose slightly, of which snail 1105 closed at 4542, up 0.02%. On the 2nd, the national long timber market generally rose, with Guangzhou and Wuhan markets rising significantly. The transaction in Guangzhou market last trading day was good, which brought some support to the market. In addition, on the 2nd, the local leading steel mills Shaogang, Guanggang, Yufeng, etc. all raised the ex factory price of long products by yuan/ton, and the market was driven by the steel mills, and the quotation continued to rise. Due to the impact of energy conservation and emission reduction in surrounding areas, the local market is in short supply of resources, and the shortage of high-speed wire is particularly obvious, which leads to the increase of wire rod is greater than that of thread, and also drives the local market demand. In Wuhan market, driven by the strong expectation of short-term market growth from merchants, quotations generally rose. However, the market demand did not buy it. After the volume of transactions in the previous trading day, there was a significant drop on the 2nd, and it was difficult for the high-level resources in the market to be traded. On November 2, the screw thread HRB335 20mm in Guangzhou market and Wuhan market increased by 30 yuan/ton on average compared with the previous trading day, and the high line 6.5mm increased by 50 yuan/ton and 60 yuan/ton respectively

in terms of regions, the South China region index and the Central South region index led the market, with an increase of 0.6%. Mainly due to the better expectations of the Guangzhou market and Wuhan market, the long wood varieties rose greatly, and the rapid rise of the regional index of random cross-section compression resistance

*myspic index, fully known as "my steel price index", is a comprehensive national steel spot price index made by "my steel" according to the daily market price, reflecting the comprehensive price trend of major varieties and regions in the domestic steel market

myspic index on November 2

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