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Kashgar region carried out special supervision and inspection of plastic window products, focusing on the inspection of glass and other accessories. It made detailed provisions on plastic steel door and window profiles, glass cast iron: little deformation during tightening, hardware accessories, sealing materials, etc, Standardize the use of plastic window products in the project of living in peace and enriching the people in the region

the Kashgar market supervision and Administration Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region issued the notice on printing and distributing the implementation plan of Kashgar market supervision and Administration Bureau on carrying out special supervision and inspection on the quality of plastic pipe and plastic window products (hereinafter referred to as the implementation plan) on August 15, to carry out plastic pipe Special supervision and inspection of plastic window products manufacturing enterprises. The implementation plan makes detailed provisions on the profiles, glasses, hardware accessories, sealing materials, etc. used for plastic steel doors and windows, makes detailed arrangements for the special supervision and inspection plan, and clearly stipulates the punishment measures for illegal production enterprises

the purpose of this special supervision and inspection is to standardize the production and operation order of the plastic pipe industry and plastic window industry in Kashgar, Xinjiang, strengthen the supervision and management of product quality, resolutely crack down on illegal acts such as adulteration, passing fake products as genuine ones and shoddy products as good ones, and ensure the quality of water supply and drainage pipes and PVC plastic windows in Kashgar

the implementation plan points out that the state has listed ordinary double-layer glass plastic doors and windows as the third batch of products in the national eliminated product catalogue since July 1, 2002, and requires the market supervision and Administration Bureau of each county and city to submit a product quality and safety early warning report to the local county and City People's government, reminding the county and city people's government that the ordinary plastic windows used in the current housing and enriching the people project are products that the state has officially eliminated; For the production of products officially eliminated by the state, a fine of less than the equivalent value of the product shall be imposed in accordance with Article 51 of the product quality law, and the business license shall be revoked if the circumstances are serious; Produce plastic windows that meet the national standard of plastic windows for building (gb/t), and the lowest cost is 280 yuan/㎡ ~ 320 yuan/㎡; The ultra-thin glass used in the plastic windows of comfortable housing and rich people's houses with a bidding price of 160 yuan/㎡ in all counties and cities is fragile, which will produce certain safety risks

the implementation plan stipulates that the physical and mechanical properties and dimensional accuracy of profiles for plastic steel doors and windows should comply with the current national standard "Regulations on unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) profiles for doors and window frames" (gb/t). Class a products are used for external doors and windows, and class B products can only be used for internal doors and windows; The minimum measured wall thickness of plastic steel door and window profiles shall not be less than 2.2 mm in sliding doors and windows, and not less than 2.5 mm in casement doors and windows; The sectional structure requirements of plastic steel profiles are: 60 series profiles are used for casement doors and windows, and 88 Series profiles are used for sliding doors and windows, which are multi cavity structures with independent drainage cavities; The plastic steel profile adopts domestic high-quality single-sided color coated UPVC Plastic steel profile (the color window film used in the coated profile should consider imported products such as Germany, and the glue used in the coated profile should be pollution-free hot melt glue, which must have high heat and water resistance and corrosion resistance, and can resist all kinds of bad weather in the North); Plastic steel window profiles should be compatible with reinforced profiles and hardware accessories; The steel lining used for plastic steel shall be the steel lining with a wall thickness of more than 1.5 mm and subject to anti-corrosion treatment

the implementation plan also clearly stipulates the thickness of glass for plastic steel doors and windows. According to the relevant provisions of the technical specification for the application of building glass (gjg) issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development in 2015, the thickness of glass used in construction projects shall not be less than 4 mm; The maximum allowable range of framed flat glass with a thickness of 3mm is 0.1m2. According to the national product requirements, building plastic window glass should use insulating glass, and tempered glass should obtain the national compulsory product certification (CCC). The thickness of glass used for furniture, decorative materials, etc. should not be less than 2mm

in addition, the implementation plan also stipulates that the plastic steel door and window glass should adopt the building grade float glass specified in the national standard flat glass (GB) or various processed glass with it as the original piece: the thickness of the single piece of hollow glass used for plastic windows should not be less than 4 mm, and the thickness of the single piece of hollow glass used for doors should not be less than 5 mm; All glass thickness shall be calculated and designed by professional design units in accordance with the "design requirements for plastic steel doors and windows" in the "technical code for the application of building glass". If there are requirements for sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, etc., professional design units shall check the calculation. The calculation sheet and relevant glass test report are required to be provided for review and confirmation by relevant technical departments. In addition, if the area of a single piece of window glass is more than 1.5 ㎡, safety glass should be used; If the door glass is greater than 0.5 ㎡, safety glass with a minimum thickness of not less than 5 ㎜ shall be used. Safety glass shall be used for the glass door of the main pedestrian passage

the implementation plan also emphasizes the product definition of insulating glass: setting molecular sieve (desiccant), aluminum strip, butyl rubber and polysulfide double-layer rubber edge sealing. In addition, it is required that the size deviation, appearance quality and performance of glass should comply with the provisions of laminated glass (gb9962), tempered glass (gb/t9963) and other current relevant standards

the implementation plan stipulates that the hardware fittings for plastic steel doors and windows should comply with the standard provisions of PVC door and window handles (jg/t), PVC door and window hinges (hinges) (jg/t); According to the weight of the door and window leaf, the hardware accessories shall be designed and equipped by ourselves (the nominal bearing capacity shall be greater than 1.5 times the actual load). The movable Hardware shall be a class B product that can meet the requirements of using more than 30000 times, and the physical samples and manufacturer's data shall be submitted; The experimental comparison results of "lever multi-point lock used for flat opening doors and windows, lock point rotation" show that the corner is not more than 150 mm, the distance between the two lock points is not more than 800 mm, and when the distance between the hinges on one side of the hinge (or sliding brace) is more than 1000 mm, a concealed lock point is set every not more than 800 mm; If the width of the horizontal opening fan is greater than 800 mm, the upper and lower sides should also be set with locking points; The upper hung window with a width less than 800 mm can adopt a seven character handle, and the one with a width greater than 800 mm shall be implemented according to the previous article; The handle, handle base, transmission rod, lock column, lock block, etc. are made of Q235 steel. The surface of the handle and base should be coated with polyester powder paint, and the others are galvanized for corrosion prevention. The corrosion resistance of 48 hours is grade 8

the implementation plan stipulates that the sealing material for plastic steel doors and windows is that the sealant strip for plastic steel doors and windows should be EPDM strip and comply with the current standards; The sealing wool used for plastic steel doors and windows must be silicified polypropylene fiber sealing wool, and comply with the current "technical conditions for sealing wool" (jc-t/), and the selected model should meet the requirements of air permeability; Although all kinds of sealants used for plastic steel doors and windows still face competition from other materials, they should comply with the current standards of silicone building sealant (gb/t14683) and silicone structural sealant for construction (gb16776)

the implementation plan requires the local supervision units of all counties and cities in Kashgar region to conduct pull-up screening of plastic window production enterprises in the whole region. First, control the import of raw materials and the product inspection before leaving the factory, urge all production enterprises to establish a raw material inspection system, verify the qualification of raw material production enterprises, quality certificates and quality marks, establish raw material purchase accounts, and strictly enforce the product delivery inspection and inspection accounts; Second, strengthen the management of licenses, conduct a comprehensive investigation of relevant industries, and resolutely ban those without licenses; Strengthen daily supervision and market management, and investigate and deal with unfair competition acts such as false signs and trademark infringement according to law; Enterprises that seriously violate laws and regulations shall be resolutely investigated and dealt with according to law, and those suspected of committing crimes shall be transferred to judicial organs; Third, strengthen the training and education on the standards of enterprise legal representatives and employees, and order all production enterprises to have and be familiar with the relevant standards of their own products

in addition, the implementation plan proposes that before the end of August, the market supervision bureaus of all counties and cities should fully grasp the number of plastic windows and other production enterprises within their jurisdiction, find out the production and operation status of product sales enterprises, prominent quality problems and potential safety hazards, fill in the inventory of industrial product production enterprises, and resume the establishment of industrial product production enterprise files and product production and sales link quality and safety hazard accounts; During the national quality month in September, the market supervision and administration bureaus of all counties and cities should take the supervision and sampling inspection of plastic window products as an important content, implement compulsory inspection of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products in the warehouses and workshops of plastic window manufacturing enterprises within their jurisdiction, send them to the national qualified professional inspection and testing institutions for testing, and resolutely shut down the enterprises with toxic, harmful or unqualified products found in the inspection

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