At its peak, the coastal coal market in February i

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In February, the coastal coal market is expected to maintain a balance between supply and demand.

in February, the situation of the coal market changed sharply, showing the characteristics of first restraining and then rising, and the coal price fluctuated in a W-shaped manner. During the Spring Festival, the industrial power load decreased, and the coal consumption of power plants mainly depended on civil electricity, which greatly reduced the overall coal consumption. During the festival, although the load of the power plant decreased, affected by the rigid transportation of some users, the coastal coal transportation remained busy, the coal transfer in and out of the Bohai Sea port remained balanced, and the port inventory was stable. During the festival, the load of power plants was low, and the coal consumption decreased, which had a negative impact on power consumption. The coal consumption and coal production of power plants shrank, and the market coal price remained stable

affected by the suspension and holidays of some small and medium-sized coal enterprises in the upstream, snowfall in the production area, difficulties in outward transportation and other factors, during the Spring Festival, the operating rate of coal mines in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other places in the upstream decreased, and the number of coal production and shipment in the upstream decreased, which directly affected the railway transfer volume. The shipment volume of Daqin line and Shuohuang line decreased slightly year-on-year, and the port resources were tight. In the case of industrial power withdrawal and low power plant load, the daily consumption of coastal power plants fell to half of that under normal conditions, and the daily consumption of some power plants in East China even fell to 1/3 of that under normal conditions. In the case of high availability of coal storage days, many power plants are not in a hurry to pull a large number of coal to replenish the warehouse, but to maintain a negative purchase of coal stored in the Bohai Rim port; In the case of incomplete recovery of traders' shipments, some small and medium-sized power plants began to increase ship capacity to pull coal, and some high-quality coal was in short supply

from the seventh day of the lunar new year, the number of customers who came to the port for inquiry increased, especially those who did not have the guarantee of Changxie or had a small number of Changxie coal began to increase the purchase of coal in the market; At this time, the use of hard materials and semi-hard materials in the hands of traders for trading increased by 210 times at a lower speed. The number of coal in the yard is limited. In addition, the coal price is upside down, and the transfer in volume is obviously insufficient. Some high-quality, low sulfur and low water market coal are popular, making cars not only a convenient tool to drive up the coal price

after the 15th day of the first month, cement, chemical and other enterprises in East and South China will resume production and work intensively, and some customers need to increase procurement; In addition, Australian coal customs clearance takes a long time, and downstream procurement slows down, mainly on the sidelines. Some customers began to turn to the domestic market to increase the purchase quantity of coal in northern Shanxi and Mengxi. The two sessions are about to be held, safety supervision is more strict, and the upstream coal shipment is affected; In the Bohai Rim port, the quantity of market coal shipped by customers is insufficient, which promotes the shortage of high-quality coal, and the market coal price resumes its upward trend

as the weather gets warmer and the rain increases, the traditional off-season for coal use in spring is coming; Especially in the middle of the third month, after the two sessions, small and medium-sized coal enterprises will resume production and supply will be released; The railway transportation capacity is restored, the downstream consumption is reduced, and the pressure of oversupply in the coal market is increased. However, considering that in March, the demand for coal will weaken due to the warmer weather, but the recovery of industrial activities and the overweight of environmental protection supervision will still support coal prices; It is expected that the coal market will maintain a balance between supply and demand, and the coal price will remain stable

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