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Kalma will deliver low emission dock tractors

Kalma will provide nine dock tractors for the Italian shipping company Onorato armatori group. This order has been entered into Cargotec's order in the first quarter of 2018 and is scheduled to be delivered in the second quarter of 2018

Kalma will deliver low emission wharf tractor

onorato ar pipeline should be soft matori group 5 Force measurement and grading: internal automatic 7-gear amplification × 1, × 2, × 5, × 10, × 20, × 50, × 100. It is a leading passenger and freight shipping company in Europe, with Moby, Tirrenia CIN and toremar and Moby SPL shipping companies. The group has nearly 4750 employees and operates in Italy, France and Malta. The newly purchased wharf tractor will be used for loading and unloading ro ro cargo. Among them, 7 equipment will be operated at the port of Leghorn, and the other 2 equipment will be operated at the CPS port in Catania. Kalma's local technical service team will provide equipment maintenance support for Onorato armatori group at two locations at the same time

Matteo Savelli, CEO of Leghorn wharf, said: "based on the good cooperation relationship over the years, Kalmar is our preferred partner to expand the wharf tractor fleet. We have already tested the equipment on the wharf, and we are also very satisfied with the service support of the local technical team."

Marco Tosi, the Italian marketing director of Kalmar, said: "the roll on/roll off operation requires very high equipment, and our industry-leading dock tractor has a reliable performance record in docks all over the world. We are very happy that Onorato armatori chose Kalmar to update the dock tractor fleet this time, which will further deepen and consolidate the cooperative relationship between Kalmar and Onorato armatori group."

Kalma's advanced heavy-duty dock tractor tr618i is designed for the stringent requirements of RO ro operations. Fast and efficient ship turnover is crucial to maintaining profitability. We will try our best to make the intelligent equipment durable, highly visible and comfortable to operate. Even if we carry heavy loads in the harsh port environment and combine the future development trend, the new generation of hydraulic universal experimental machine, which is really redesigned and produced from the perspective of users, can ensure excellent operation. In addition, advanced engine technology helps to minimize exhaust emissions, and the equipment is also equipped with a series of safety functions jointly developed with customers

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