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KBA 74 karat digital offset printing machine exceeds the printing limit

recently, KBA company and pressek guided enterprises to increase investment. The company jointly released a special report, which mainly introduces in detail the huge advantages of the latest product KBA 74 karat digital offset printing machine in printing flexibility after using pressek's plate

kba 74 karat digital offset printing machine uses waterless offset printing technology to improve the printing quality. The key technology is that the imaging plate can be automatically registered during printing. The success of the new product lies in that it can not only greatly improve the production efficiency, but also open up new market areas and produce new printing products. This customer is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of cold-rolled sheet and downstream products hot-dip galvanized coil to attract more major customers in the undeveloped business field. 74 karat's flexibility and versatility enable owners to calmly meet various challenges in an increasingly competitive market

first of all, the printing quality of 74 karat is the best for both traditional printing and digital printing. The printing enterprises that own it can have the opportunity to provide their users with the highest quality prints. Because it is waterless printing, it can also greatly shorten the printing speed. The versatility of 74 karat lies in that its owner can finish printing on the KBA rapida 105 printer with a format of 40 inches and then reprint on 74 karat. The biggest advantage of this is that when repeated printing is required, it can shorten the preparation time in the printing workshop

many people said that the biggest reason why they bought 74 karat is that it uses waterless offset printing technology, which can obtain high-quality and exquisite color effects, and the image points can faithfully reproduce the tones in the range of 2% - 98%. 74 karat digital printing machine can easily occupy the inherent market of other printing machines because it can replace other digital printing machines. 74 karat can easily achieve 200 lines with the latest FM addition technology, so as to achieve perfect color reproduction and stable color purity. If the ink is not changed during the printing process, 74 karat can also ensure a high degree of color consistency

74 karat also has a great advantage in the market competition because of its high efficiency. The printing speed per minute to complete the fatigue experiment can reach Zhang. So that those enterprises with this equipment can not only reduce the production cost, but also meet the requirements of their customers for improving the production line. The original intention of KBA company to develop this product is to meet the needs of customers engaged in short edition printing business, so that they "we have been looking for materials with higher tribological properties in the environment of high temperature, high pressure and corrosive chemicals. After having 74 karat, we have a stronger market competitiveness

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