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Plastic wallpapers and other building plastic products are popular all over the world

Plastic wallpapers have been used in the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries for nearly 50 years. Our country has been hoping to help you since the 1970s! The first PVC wallpaper production line produced by calendering was introduced from Japan in the late 1970s. The products include unit embossing, printing, printing embossing and so on, which were all the rage. Since the mid-1980s, all parts of the country have successively introduced production technology and equipment from Japan and Germany, and the variety of products has greatly increased, forming a series of products

Plastic wallpapers and other building plastic products are popular all over the world

Plastic wallpapers have developed rapidly in China. A film sample is pasted on the black glass sheet of the standard test device with a rubber strip. At present, it has entered a relatively stable stage, and the output growth rate is small. The changes are mainly reflected in the variety and functions of designs and colors, such as foaming wallpapers, flame-retardant wallpapers, antistatic wallpapers, moisture-proof wallpapers, etc. In 2000, the market demand for plastic wallpaper was about 300million m2, and in 2010 it was about 400million m2

plastic flooring in China was applied to the Great Hall of the people as early as 1959. At that time, it was mainly coiled flooring. The development and production of semi-rigid micro printer printing test report plastic floor began in the 1960s, but the real large-scale commodity production began in the mid-1980s. At that time, all parts of the country imported various equipment and technologies for the production of block materials and coiled materials from Japan and Germany, with a relatively complete range of products. Since the 1990s, functional floors such as high wear-resistant, foaming, antistatic, flexible and semi-rigid floors have been produced and widely used. The market demand of plastic flooring in China was about 100million m2 in 2000 and about 200million m2 in 2010

plastic waterproof coiled materials have also developed rapidly, and China's self-developed products have also achieved remarkable results. At present, the annual production capacity of waterproof coiled materials reaches 40million m2, and the use of new waterproof materials such as coiled materials has reached about 60% of the waterproof materials of permanent buildings in cities and towns when they are first introduced

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