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Plastic pallets have low market share and great potential.

in recent years, plastic pallets are popular for their powerful transportation functions, but in today's Pallet Market, the market share of plastic pallets is still very low, and there are still problems of narrow use performance and scope. The plastic tray market still needs further exploration

the so-called plastic pallet is mainly used for loading and unloading goods, transportation with goods, distribution and other services. In the logistics industry, we can often see the use of plastic pallets, which can transform static goods into dynamic goods. Although it is inconspicuous, it is indeed very powerful

China's Federation of logistics and purchasing jointly conducted an investigation on the logistics industry in major cities across the country. The investigation shows that there are still great problems with pallets. In order to solve the existing problems, it is necessary to have an in-depth investigation and Research on the pallet industry to provide effective information for the logistics management department. At present, there are more than 50 million pallets in China, and the annual output is about 20 million. However, among them, plastic pallets occupy only 8% of the position, mainly wooden pallets

judging from the specification of plastic tray, its specification is still very chaotic and centralized. At present, many specifications are set according to their own products. The number of wooden pallets is too large, and the share of plastic pallets is too small. It is not as widely distributed as sj/t11281 (2) 003 pneumatic ball valve in the pipeline, and the development of plastic tray is uneven

not only that, there are also some problems in the turnover mode and pallet operation of plastic pallets. Its development still needs a long time to explore. Just like the hoist, the existing problems should be considered in the development process to improve the performance and range of pallets

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