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Plastic waste can be converted into energy such as natural gas

with the global energy shortage, converting renewable energy has become an urgent matter. Plastic waste accounts for a large proportion of all garbage, and the current disposal method of incineration is very easy to cause great pollution to the environment, and it is still the source of dioxin emissions. On May 30, Zhuhai hongfeicui Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. developed a new technology that can convert plastic waste into energy such as natural gas

technician Huang Feng pointed to the shaft of the photoelectric encoder to change the processing equipment developed by him at the lantern sand site and said, "the equipment we developed can convert plastic waste into natural gas, tar, paraffin, comprehensive oil and asphalt"

it was seen at the scene that the equipment developed by Huang Feng was composed of several iron cans and pipes of different sizes. Huang Feng directed his workmates to pour several boxes of plastic garbage into the feeding port, then covered the lid and ignited the garbage recycling treatment equipment. After more than ten minutes of heating, a gas jet with an iron pan spewed out natural gas with the increasingly fierce competition in the household appliance industry. After Huang Feng ignited the natural gas with a lighting device, a light blue flame rushed up, The water in the rusty iron pot boiled in a few minutes

Huang Feng said that after burning plastic and other garbage at a high temperature of 1100 to 1200 degrees, tar and other substances are produced through equipment spray cooling treatment, which thoroughly decomposes dioxins and effectively reduces the risk of dioxin production. In addition to refining natural gas, the waste generated by incineration can also be made into asphalt and other by-products after recycling treatment

according to Wu feiqiu, the deputy directors of the Environmental Protection Bureau and the Finance Bureau of Baise City, Guangxi also came to Zhuhai Wanhua horticulture recently. They want to relocate the equipment to Guangxi for application. Wu feiqiu hopes that the equipment can be invested and developed, and can be popularized to villages and towns across the country through mass production to reduce costs, so as to make contributions to rural waste classification and treatment

mechanic Huang Feng is from Guangxi, and he is 33 years old. Although he has only a junior high school degree, he has always been obsessed with invention and creation. Since 2008, he has applied for 23 patents, such as mushroom seismic inductor and primary explosion-proof device for tar separation of gasifier. Huang Feng also presented the patent certificates of "flip type environmental protection cigarette box" and "three port environmental protection piston ring" issued by the "State Intellectual Property Office of the people's Republic of China" in 2009. Elastopan is a multi-component polyurethane (foam) composite. He said proudly, "this set of waste recycling treatment equipment is currently applying for a patent."

Huang Feng spent ten years developing waste recycling equipment. The year before last, he came to Zhuhai and met Wu feiqiu, chairman of hongfeicui Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. Wu feiqiu heard that Huang Feng was interested in developing new equipment to convert plastic waste into natural gas. He immediately invited him to the company and spent hundreds of thousands of yuan with Macao garbage recyclers to provide research and development funds

gonghuibin, deputy director of Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of marine agriculture, fisheries and water affairs, made a special trip to the lantern sand to witness the trial machine ceremony. He said in an interview that he mainly came to inspect the classification of rural garbage. He then pointed out: "this kind of equipment should be changed into a large incinerator in the future, so that investors can see this kind of equipment. Only by reducing the cost through large-scale mass production can it reach the application stage."

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